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Assy fe Antonio Hernandez 

We are in c / Bidasoa 5 Local 32 Center Bosque Villaviciosa de Odón Madrid, also in another schedule Fuente del Tiro 36 Madrid (Aviación Española metro) we will answer you by email or by phone (34) 91023 3844

(34) 676 62 24 30 Vat: ES50084883Z
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Sushi Course
Japanese sushi courses will soon be held, with a degree from Tokyo Suhi 1st Grade Academy, if you are interested, send an email to and when we have more information we will get back to you.






Japanese food

Enjoying Japanese food with my family who is Japanese, both in Japan and in Spain more than 15 years, I want to acknowledge that not only the Sushi is best. Japanese for their efforts to develop any product, they are always innovating, so I encourage you to try their products. Products in the physical store as
Antonio Hernandez with Japanese family teaches Japanese
Graduated from the Univsersidad 5 years, 14 years teaching experience
But two years intéprete for official guides Madrid, 15 times in Japan
Mainly working about 800 product in this Catalog  you can dowload html web here  if you want pdf file 15MB send me email and you can check price in Excel clik here  or web html here search the code on the Catalog and in Excel push Ctrl F introduc code and enter.

Homegrown Honey

Honey and pollen directly grown from Hurdes Cáceres Las Mestas to the do the Valley of the Batuecas near La Alberca (Salamanca) if you go through this town Las Mestas can see the stores and buy honey directly to my brother Luis: No. beekeeper holding 108-CC-144.

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Sabores Hurdanos

Hurdes Caceres products .After a family tradicción  in the production of honey and pollen leaves this tradicción   extra virgin olive oil, cosmetics with honey, propolis and royal jelly, also delicatessen products .
My brother Luis who lives in Las Hurdes Caceres also taught my Uncle Perico, over 15 years extracting honey and pollen international award in dark honey harvest Operating propiaNº Beekeeper 108-CC-144 salefor Madrid
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Japanese classes

Antonio Hernandez with Japanese family teaches Japanese
A graduate of the University 5 years, 14 years teaching experience
But two years interpreter for official guides Madrid, 15 times in Japan more information:
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More than 10 years working with tourism especially Japanese, 2 years experience with official guides of the Community of Madrid, with information from over 15 official guides corners of Madrid de los Austrias. Guided tours from 10 euros per person, minimum two hours mainly Sundays 5 people, fluent English.
Student Art History. Minibuses visits over 3 years, airport transfers, etc.
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Monitor Karate

Monitor karate, with over 10 years experience in schools, offers to schools and gymnasiums, 1st Dan black belt since 1986, Monitor by the Federation since 1992. Style Sitoriy. Upcoming classes at The Forest Villaviciosa de Odon Madrid

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Recycle your computer, buy CPU, plates computer, supplies, hard drives, mobile etc.
Segundamano we sell computer equipment with 2 months warranty more information here.
Other computer services technician, Excel, Access, edit HMTL, Intranet, Outlook, World, Billing, fluent English, business English, more than 15 years exporting and importing products. Spanish classes, Spanish teacher by International House experience in Japan.


Distribution and store electronic components integrated circuits, diodes, connectors, etc. 15 years of experience, 5,000+ refenrencias in stock, a member of the largest international databases of electronics and aviation, also electrical components, relays, transformers etc.